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Parties, Corporate Events, Wineries and more!

Let us host your next birthday party or hens in our large space in Berri. 
Consider circus for your next team building excursion or staff Christmas party.
Bring the circus to you with our portable aerial rig and array of performance and display options. 

What kind of Circus do you want?

Are you interested in having a circus birthday party for your child?  Bringing a bit of pizzazz to your corporate event? An unforgettable hen's night for the gals? 

Whatever your needs, we've got you covered.  We host all kinds of events from our home gymnasium, but can also bring the circus to you with a portable aerial rig and more.  

Read more about hiring an aerialist below and contact us to discuss your options!

Hire an aerialist

The perfect "wow" factor for your upcoming event.

Let us entertain your guests from new heights.

We can hang our rigging from load bearing ceilings or use our portable aerial rig to fly through the air in almost any location, indoors or out.

Some information about hiring aerialists is detailed below. 

We offer a wide variety of services and are happy to customize to your individual needs.

What to Consider
When Hiring an Aerialist 


Safety is paramount.  Does your venue allow for aerial rigging?  Do you have height and or space for an aerialist? We are happy to discuss this option with you and may require photos of the space or a site visit.  

We also offer a portable, free-standing aerial rig that can be assembled inside or out, on almost any flat surface.  The rig has a maximum footprint of 6m x 5.5m (at the maximum height setting), and has adjustable heights from 3.2m to 6.4m.  

Performance Style: Champagne Pouring, Ambiance, Stage? 

Aerialists are very flexible (pun intended), and can perform in and pair with a variety of settings and situations. 

Looking for someone to pour champagne upside down at your wedding?  We can do that. 
Interested in an aerialist providing ambiance at your winery during a tasting festival?  We can do that.
Jonesing for a full fledged circus performance that will leave your guests in thunderous applause?  We can do that, too.

Looking for something else entirely?  Chat to us!  

All of the above options require different amounts of preparation and materials.  We are happy to work with you and find the best option for your budget and event.  

Performance Location and Schedule 

In addition to adequate space and height, you'll need to consider the placement of your aerialists.  You'll want them in a highly visible location without impacting the flow of your event, or blocking any entrances or exits.  If the event is outdoors, the elements will play a factor.  Too much wind will limit the apparatus options (silks really catch the wind), and intense sun or rain could hamper the event altogether.  Consider when during the event the aerial performance will take place and when set up and take down will be most convenient and discreet.  We are happy to advise you on what has worked best for our clients in the past.  

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