Community Based Work

Past events fostering circus communities.

Fit to Fly Australia

Fit to Fly Circus Arts has been operating in Australia for 7 years.

Here are some past captures from community events, collaborative performances, and council subsidized Fringe offerings.

Riverland Student Halloween Show, 2022

River Fringe, 2022

Riverland Free Circus Day, 2021

Melbourne Fringe, 2019

CWB Work and Haiti

Fit to Fly worked with Clowns Without Borders to raise money for various outreach projects focused on bringing joy to refugees.

Here are some captures from some of the fundraisers and the trip to Haiti - which had the first aerial performances in CWB and Haiti history.

Haiti 2013

Haiti 2013

CWB Fundraiser 2013

CWB Fundraiser, 2014

CWB Fundraiser, 2015